The BuiLDer

Life is a journey so walk with God


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God’s Love is unconditional, unlimited and complete.

If you are in a race, your goal is to finish it. If you are in a competition your goal is to win, not just to enjoy.

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Life focuses on a vision. However, where do you want to begin your race?

All Beginnings came from God so put God first. You need to focus on the author of life because he knew what lies ahead.

Life is not a trip but a destination. It is not straight forward, there are trials and circumstances you will encounter.  As I said, if you are in a race you need to finish it, accomplish what God wants you to accomplish.

God will keep you away from sin and sin will keep you away from God
– so life is a battle

Start building relationship with God and put everything in his control. God will reward the faithful (2 Timothy 4:8)

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